How to Download Samsung SmartTV Apps


How to Download Samsung SmartTV Apps

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  1. How can I delete the old netflix app and install the new netflix app. I had never used the netflix app on this tv since I bought it and only last week tried to use it. I signed in, after it loads, the page shows the list of movies however, I can find the menu buttons, netflix settings or even the profile buttons if I want to change profies?
    Does anyone have a solution. I called Samsung, went through a whole lot of resetting, re-installing, switch tv off and on, disconnect network…… and nothing worked. I have a Samsung UA40ES7500 Smart 40/42', 2012/2013 model

  2. We need someone to kindly upload a newer video as this is years old & Tvs change annually…

    Id like to Downliad some Apos like ShowBox etc as i need subtitles for my bad sight & hearing…

    I downloaded a great App onto my phone which gives me Subtitles but when i cast it to my Tv they dont show up…

    In fact most of the Apps that come with the Tv i bought in 2016 don't give me Subtitles…
    The options are there but they don't show up & using the Audio Description though handy, is just annoying…

  3. Default Youtube was installed on my Smart TV. Now it has disappeared and I am trying to get it back. I'll try re-installing it with this but I doubt it will work, judging by the comments in the comments section.


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