How To Find And Download Movie Clips


How To Find And Download Movie Clips

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  1. Before coming to this video, I was watching " How I Use Movie Clips In My Videos – Fair Use " and I wanted to put questions on how do you put so many movie scenes in context. I have been watching movie since I was a kid and I watched quite a lot movies and all the movie clips you shown, I have seen it all. It would be painstaking to cut movie scenes and put them in a video. The question that I wanted to ask was not needed as the link of this video was displayed on your last video I was watching.
    I enjoyed watching your videos as it´s funny when you drop some movie clips in between. Furthermore, you shown how it is done and it was really helpful. I browsed your channel and seen there is a lot of useful info as I am thinking to create my own channel. Already subscribed and will surely watch those videos 🙂

  2. I want to try the apowersoft to download clips or videos, but not to use them on YouTube. Just to have. but is it legal? Or is there like a fair use thing to cover me.

  3. I was writing notes while watching this video and genuinely thought the sound of your dog shaking off was a coin drop sound cue after you said that the video wasn't sponsored (thinking that you were being sarcastic)! Haha

  4. Really really big thank to you…sir

    Still can't thank you in just few words…i hope if i could thank you in person….
    U don't know what u gave today:,-)

    Btw…i am also planning to start a youtube channel…
    In which i give Movie review…means like which movie to watch which not to watch but getting scare bcz of this copyright things…


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