How to Fix VCOMP120.dll Missing Error | Windows


How to Fix VCOMP120.dll Missing Error | Windows

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  1. 221 likes… Let's make that a 222. Also it worked, thanks a lot!

  2. I accidentally pasted the 64-bit dll into System32 AND SysWOW64, but when I pasted the 32-bit version (with the same name) into SysWOW64, it did not come up with a replace option

  3. That's NOT how you fix the problem. That file is part of the Visual C++ 2013 e Visual C++ Redistributable Package. So instead of downloading the single *.dll you should install the whole package from the official site

  4. Thank you so much i really wanted to play a game but this freaking error always irritate me now it;s GONE

  5. after I find this file, windows had asked me for another vc***.dll so, I've installed the whole Visual C++ redistributable pack of all years 2005 – 2019 and no more missing dll


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