How To Get 3DS MAX 2019 for FREE


How To Get 3DS MAX 2019 for FREE

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  1. Is it illegal to use this video to get it for free if you are not getting it for education? Cuz I want to learn to 3D model not in education and I think that 3Ds Max could help with that but I'm afraid it's illegal to do..

  2. This does not work anymore, don't bother trying to get it for free from Autodesk anymore. They will actually verify your membership with a university, and whether or not you are authorized by your university to use the free software. So unless you are a student in computer graphics, you will not succeed at verifying your eligibility.

  3. This doesn't work anymore. The website uses some stupid ID system where you have to log into a school or college, and upload documents directly to Autodesk.

  4. thanks for this, i just wanna learn for non-profit, had to stretch the truth about education, but 195 a month just to try something that might make me rip my hair out?

  5. Hi i just did this but signed in and installed as i did have a student licence back in 2012,it says select your license type single user or multi user enter serial number or start trial,it gives me the option to run the program or start a 30day trial,what do i select,or should i create a completely new account and go in as a educator?

  6. How do i know if the 3ds max i download is free for 3 years?
    and will i be able to have it for free again if i create a new account on 3ds max website with a new email?

  7. About a decade ago there was a completely free version of 3dSMax out there called "Max for Gamers" (or something like that), and it was a "slimmed down" version of 3dSMax (whatever version it was at the time, and I'm not sure what was slimmed down, but it looked all the same as the professional version). The biggest difference was you couldn't use the software for commercial use. (How that was enforced, I have no idea). But it did exist – then it was taken away for some reason, I can't find it anymore. Anyway I see a lot of tutorials on YT with "Education Version" showing in the title bar of the program. I assume these guys aren't paying for it either, and most likely making money off their tutorials with commercials. If it's as easy as making up a school, I assume eventually, someone at Autodesk will look up your fictional school, find out it's not real, and ban your account which is why it quits working for some people all of a sudden.

  8. What if i’m not a student anymore or not a teacher and just an adult? can i make a fake educator account? and what if it asks what school do i teach? should i put in any school or put in a fake school?

  9. They’re probably doing this now because their sales tanked and their software was losing market share in competitive 3D software landscape. Who is their right mind is going to pay $250 a month and invest hours of their time to try and learn a software? Well done, Autodesk!

  10. That's kinda weird, I expected them to verify your position as either a student or an educator. I seem to remember someone saying in the past that you need a school website based email address. Either way if this works for Maya too I'll give that a play around and see if i prefer it over Blender. Thanks for the guide.


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