How to IMPORT a PRESET in Adobe After Effects – EASY


How to IMPORT a PRESET in Adobe After Effects – EASY

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  1. It didn’t help at all I do everything right and when I close ae to download the preset ae just deleted and when I re install it it just never pops up I wasted my money.

  2. This made my life easier omg I was legit SUPER close to crying after effects is so stressful

  3. i added the presets to the preset file, but they don’t show up when i search them in after effexts

  4. When I add my preset my after effects closes itself and I need to open it all over again and it still does the same

  5. really easy: for Mac: go to Programs –> Adobe After Effects cc xx –> Folder: Presets: insert your Presets here. : open Ae and search for your presets

  6. I would suggest another way is to click Animation => Browse Presets to look for your presets from your computer. To do this, you will need Bridge (it's like an extension in Adobe which helps you look for things). Thank you for your video, it's really helpful.

  7. My Life is Complete lol I was Your 1.9k Like xD Ive always wanted to watch it change when i Liked a Video

  8. Oh my- this is the first tutorial that worked for me! I just spent half an hour trying to import presets and it finally worked! Tysm!!!


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