How to Legally Fly Drones in Agriculture and Why They’re Useful


How to Legally Fly Drones in Agriculture and Why They’re Useful

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  1. SUCH A GREAT VIDEO! Thanks for sharing your knowledge @DroneU & @PNCMAX. There are a lot of folks with these exact questions, so your video really is a tremendous resource – thanks for putting it together.
    P.S., Philip, we'd love you to fly our aircraft – our direct competitor to the AGRAS is actually CHEAPER! Woohoo! Out the door, ready to fly, taxes, tariffs, etc @ $11,499. But a big difference, we support you from our FL office (not China), and that really helps you and other operators have maximum uptime and save lots in shipping, etc. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. When you are spraying pesticides are you notifying nearby beekeepers? Here in NJ the state will notify me, as a registered beekeeper, that they will be spraying in my area. As we all know spraying Roundup over a field to kill a few bugs also kills thousands of bees at the same time.

  3. As I recall, more than a few agriculture states have enacted various laws restricting drone flights. Many of these may not be in compliance with FAA regulations, but the involved state legislatures are composed of folks who may not understand anything other than the fact the local feed lot owner contributed to their "campaign fund." Why not do a complimentary video on the impact of state level drone laws, especially in the ag states?

  4. Paul: This is timely given that I just attended Midwest Big Data Hub Digital Agriculture Spoke meeting in Salina, Kansas that was being in conjunction with UAS Tech Forum on 21-22 Aug 2019. This was a very Ag focused event where tools, software, and processing of data related to agriculture. I'm going to send you an email regarding a few of the speakers that were there that both you and Rob definitely need to do a Podcast with to provide more detailed information regarding flying Drones in Agriculture from leaders in the field.


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