How to Program Mag 324 W2 Remote Control?


How to Program Mag 324 W2 Remote Control?

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  1. Didn’t work for me.. now I am stuck and nothing working on remote. I reboot mag , reset remote to original settings by pressing and holding ok and settings buttons but still not working…power button blinks only when I click resolution button … appreciate any help..

  2. Thanks Dharmit, this was really useful as the instruction booklet was a little bit confusing in the way it's written. I have 1 question though, with my LG tv, once I select the source input with the mag324w remote, I cannot press ok and hence have to wait for the screen to change back after 2mins, unless I use the original tv remote to select ok. Do you know of a way around this?

  3. how do i reset the remote to factoty settings something happened and its turning my tv off and on when i just want to turn the mag off and warch ypu tube on my sony tv


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