How To Use and Download Ad Hoc Party


How To Use and Download Ad Hoc Party

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  1. Still works guys kinda I did
    3rd option
    1st option
    1st option
    1st option
    Very last option its a red arrow with japanese on the bottom
    and then you see it very first green says ad hoc with people on it.
    You are welcome!

  2. I have a problem..

    What if, no option anymore after you click the last option in my psn store ?

    May I request your help?

    Version….6.60 Pro b9

    Thanks in advance

  3. could you make another video on how to get AdHoc Party on the new psn update? cause i really wanna start playing MHFU online and im getting MHP3rd lol. i wanna take shit online pweasee helpp

  4. and you have a great variety of games to play too like monster hunter,monster hunter,and monster hunter!

  5. Day 43. The search for Japan's Ahp has exhausted all of my supplies. I don't think i'll ever find it….. *reads Luigidragon's post* hmm. Well it wouldn't hurt. *Finds Ahp*

  6. i have a question: Is there a way to play Adhoc Party without broadband connection, like XFinity

  7. @nickkk241 you dont need a wire, your ps3 just needs a wired connection (aka, directly to your router or modem).

  8. sir good day. my name is jeff from philippines. i really need your help. my brother gave me psp go. but i cant use it because of the language, and i cant also join to my friend. what am i going to do mr JosephItachir . i hope u will help me. thank u

  9. @JosephItachi wat do u mean by a wired connection? u mean a USB cable or other different wires

  10. U can use a Ethernet cable running from ur ps3 to ur wireless router there like $40 depending on wat length u need u have to have this if u don't have a wired connection if u get stuck just ask

    (hurry up and reopen playstation I want to play mhfu online grrrrrr 🙁 )

  11. @JosephItachi o great 🙂 and today i can normally download ad-hoc party without a japanes acount

  12. im trying to play monster hunter with this, but if the houses are games and if i find one with monster hunter then does it mean i cant select my own missions and have to go with some other persons missions? please help im really confused on this

  13. hey dude what ur need to be able to play in ad hoc 4 ps3!?…..just buy that ps3!?….no other item require?… internet connection or somethng!?……wanna try it 4 mhp3rd :D…..u can understand japanese?

  14. yo m8, i dunno but its strange i can't connect anymore the ps3 adhoc is searching for a psp system and my ps3 cant seem to connect or find my psp signal, i was also wondering if i can play Monsterhunter portable 3rd using the ad hoc


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