How to Use Anki to Learn Japanese


How to Use Anki to Learn Japanese

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  1. Hi Landon, great app and video!
    Can you answer this for me please? In the Core 2000 you uploaded to ANKI there are 3 indexes: Optimized-Voc-Index, Core-Index and Optimized-Sent-Index in this Deck. They have different numbers.

    How are these indexes used in this deck? Are they important? The first one Optimized-Voc-Index seems to be used for ordering the list, but does it have any other significance? What about the other two indexes? What are they for?

  2. My furigana doesn't go on top of the kanji, it also doesn't automatically fill in, am I doing something wrong?
    But at least they're together, so that's kinda helpful

  3. installed addona nd restaretd program but on 1:40 under type i don't have the japanese thing, only the original anki basic thing

  4. when i download the add on, there is no prompt to restart anki. Exiting does not restart the program either. please help!

  5. I'm not sure what im doing wrong, but when i type in the 'expression' field my writing isn't automatically translated

  6. not sure if you're checking these comments, but the furigana is only visible when hovering. How do I change it so that it always shows?

  7. How does it determine how many new cards you see per day? Is there somewhere to set that?

  8. I have a question that how do you make the core 2K deck with sentence in every word? I find no tool to reach it, including Word Query

  9. Thank you for this video. When I opened Anki, I slapped my hand on my forehead and was like how am I even going to start writing all these Kanji?

  10. 2:48 – How you type in with hiragana here ? What the heck, if this only would work that would be perfect for me now…

  11. Thank you for your very helpful video but I can't write any japanese kanji or even hiragana. I am trying to make a flashcard deck but I don't know how can I write the hiragana on the front of the card. Does somebody know ? For exemple "ga", how do I do this ? Thanks in advance.

  12. This app is so unnecessarily confusing to figure out, it's as though it's designed to not be user friendly on purpose ffs.

  13. hmmm. i can't even gasp the "value" of anki. If you can already type in Kanji, why would you need a flashcard. Seems like a step backwards.

  14. NO. I want to creat my own deck. Not download a set. Besides, the font is too small, I want big fonts. I also want my chinese characters in color. I spent many hours trying. I HATE ANKI. No tutorial has helped.

  15. It doesn't fill out the reasing and furigana automatically for me. I have the add-on installed and I have the same input form that you have, but when I type a kanji into the expression field, it doesn't fill out anything automatically.

  16. Thank you for the video. Really helpful. I have been hearing great things about Anki for a while now, but earlier today when I tried it for the first time, I found it really confusing, so yeah… Thank you.

  17. Even after restarting Anki and reinstalling the addon all it shows is the same options you get by default

  18. What do you think about adding vocals to reinforce? I use forvo to get a real authentic feel but failing that, I'll use my own voice with Audacity.

  19. Hi, I know this is a old video but for me , both recog and recall show the same card, so not reversed ;( please help

  20. i know this is a old video but i still cant grasp using the Anki to learn Japanese. is it suppose to be just show and tell? how does the "good" "easy" button work?

  21. Hi — maybe I'm missing something with this Anki revolution that everyone's on. The program doesn't really evaluate your responses…. it's just a hide & seek game, right? There are dozens of apps out there (wanikani, e.g.) that actually interpret a guess and then keep you honest. Flashcards of the Anki school just seem very 1970s to me. Are they really effective?

  22. Okay now, but what if I wanna use the app to learn writing the Kanji?
    Like I wanna learn them at the moment, and the best way to do it, would be to see The translated word for example, and then draw with your finger how the Kanji looks like and then confirm to let the program approve it. Is that possible with the app? Could you please make a video about it? 🙁
    I don't get how to do that.

  23. _install jaanese-

    no japanese to be found ANYWHERE after restart

    Do it again, nothing. It will not 'automatically' add anything. wtf

  24. Nah if there's Furigana above the Kanji I end up reading that one instead of the Kanji itself.

  25. I did everything you said up to the point where I start to type the words for the cards but they are all but normal characters. No hiragana or Kanji appear 🙁


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