How to Use Pre-Made Decks on ANKI (feat. ZANKI: The Ultimate FREE, USMLE Resource)


How to Use Pre-Made Decks on ANKI (feat. ZANKI: The Ultimate FREE, USMLE Resource)

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  1. it does not sound great as the title of the video sounds as it is that effective, look you might have a point but at the same time you are spending too much time to organize the cards and tag them while you can easily annotate on the book (even virtual copies) and you have a reference image from the actual source of studying. thank anyways for the effort

  2. Seems like A LOT OF WORK for one little concept. The opportunity cost of doing this is absurd. Is there no way to get a deck that follows boards and behinds videos?

  3. Hello! I'd like o know if is it possible to create a new deck copying cards from another deck, a preexisting deck without removing the cards from this deck?

  4. HELP!! Pleaaase! What if I have waaaaay to many new ankis (9,000 new, 13,000 total) and my exam is in November 12th? I was trying to do 150 new cards + reviews per day to finish in September 9th but it is a loooot of Anki per day and it's getting kind of hard to finish it daily… do you have any advice for me? Thank you!

  5. anybody has a deck/recommendation that contains clinical examination cards, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment?
    I'm a 3rd year medical student, doing now introduction to clinical studies as a final course before 4th year

  6. hello! new to Anki here, is transforming to the master deck is equivalent to the other method where we suspend all the cards and unsuspend as we go through a topic? if yes, which way is better?

  7. Hey Prerak, do you ever suspend the cards that you make? Like after you're done a class, do you suspend any extra cards you created for the class and just keep the zanki cards?

  8. I would highly recommend you get the "image resizer' add-on if you take a lot of screenshots. As the name implies, it resizes any image you paste into anki to a pixel size of your choosing.


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