How to Use the RotoBrush in Adobe After Effects [2018]


How to Use the RotoBrush in Adobe After Effects [2018]

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  1. All my previous problems with the rotobrush are fixed. Now I have one question
    Anyone else here after the rotobrush 2.0 was made for the after effects public beta?

  2. If i want to animate only simple objects such as squares and circles
    etc, geometric shapes morphing into other shapes, text borders, text
    conforming to a path and path following, etc NO CHARACTER animations
    needed, then is it better to work with AfterEffects or Adobe Animate ?

  3. I made roto but after 1 second roto will goes ? at the beginning everything its normal but after few seconds video looks like there is no roto ? any idea

  4. Hello, I want to use roto brush tool , but it doesn't work. When I choose roto brush tool and start selecting what I want, the whole video border turns purple, meaning the whole image is selected. Can you help me, please?

  5. Nice one, Boone!
    (Off topic though, may I suggest ditching the Beats headphones and getting a pro brand:)

  6. Okay so I have the green part it’s just that when I let go it doesn’t mask or underline can you answer me cause no one else is answering me and I need to edit a vid

  7. I was Struggling forever trying to figure out how to change the brush size, until I found YOU ! ! ! THANKS

  8. How do u reverse it like I wanna cut a face out of a vid so I can put something else there

  9. Man Alive, finally a decent tutorial on Roto Brush. Thinking of thew workspace almost like Mocha (tracking from a frame forwards and backwards) and the tool like Quick Selection in Photoshop makes total sense – thanks man. Liked and Subscribed!

  10. Thanks dude. Total newbie to after effects, but the tutorial is spot on for someone like me.

  11. Lol thanks for the tutorial, I can't believe I used to manually extract all my frames and individually isolate them one after another in photoshop

  12. today i started a 50sec 4k clip to roto brush and camera tracking, man thats a lot of render time, even with epic pc ! suks hard. thanks for sharing

  13. and if i want to resize? is possible to in another frame do the cuts again, my gives some mistake and it would be better if we can do it again from that specific frame. You said at 05:50 if there was any problem we can re render and retrick? anything? how? because when i try to correct its does the opossite of the tools is suppossed to do

  14. Can someone help me plz….Only when I hold down a brush and painting, either foreground or background brush, the pink outline displays normally. As soon as I release the tool, the pink outline surrounds the entire frames, as well as alpha (as fully white) and overlay (as fully transparent). Whatsmore, when I drag time indicator forward or use PageUp/Down, AE does not auto-propagate the frame selection at all…


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