Install LUT buddy for Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects CS6 and CC


Install LUT buddy for Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects CS6 and CC

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  1. Win7 64bit Premiere Pro CS6. Downloaded and installed LUT Buddy, but in PPro it's just the pgm, no LUTs. It asks to Import LUTs (Type: 1D I/O RGB is only choice), but I can't find any LUTs that it will accept and import. What's up?

  2. I'm no longer able to find the download anywhere. Any idea of a site that still has it and doesn't require something stupid to get at it?

  3. This is still very unclear … I've selected CS6 during the Install and I cannot find any LUT Buddy files on my machine PLZ HELP

  4. How to install lut buddy in premiere pro cs6 in mac version, don't know how? please help!

  5. Im on Mac and there is no such file as Magic Bullet LUT Buddy in /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/Plug-Ins/­CS5/MediaCore/ …. In Facet All I have is CS6 folder and even in there Media Core folder is empty…

  6. That is not what it looks like. It makes you download the entire suite. You can not download only lut buddy. The file name is MBSuite_Mac_Full_12.1.6 3

  7. How do you do this with the new version where it has you download the whole Magic Bullet suite trial package? I can select to only install LUT Buddy but after it says installation has completed it's nowhere to be found in Premiere Pro or in the Plug-Ins folder.

  8. Hey everyone! I currently have Adobe Premiere Pro/After Effects CS5, does anyone have a link or a way to get Magic Bullet LUT Buddy to work on my software?

  9. The current installer is just for CS6. Could you please send me the OLD installer for CS4.

  10. Awesome tutorial….many, many thanks.  I installed it into my PP cs6 and it works like a charm.


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