Keynote Tips: How to Export a Presentation


Keynote Tips: How to Export a Presentation

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  1. Hey there, I export keynote documents to images and save them on my desktop but the problem is that everytime I export a file and save it, it creates a new separate folder on desktop. I just want to have all my exported files in one folder. Even though I choose one folder when I export it, it still creates separate folders. It's so annoying. I hope you see this and have a solution to share with the world 🙂 Thank you for your video!

  2. From now on, I’ll ask myself, “what would a monkey do next?” because working on this device is so simplistic that it seems hard!!! Doing so many things with your hands can be challenging when you use a computer regularly. LOLLL!!!

  3. When you finish converting and you select save video, it will be in the photos folder.

  4. TYSM! You saved my life😂❤️. I had a presentation due in a few days and it was on keynote and i was freacking out bc it wouldn't file share so i couldn't send it to my teachers.

  5. Need some help. I’ve created a keynote presentation book with videos and uploaded to iBooks I think exporting via PowerPoint (iPad 11”) but now when wanting to share the book it shows no actual link to access

  6. Great video thank you, one question though I have an interactive "links only" keynote presentation that I want to share with others however I don't want them to be able to make any changes. My keynote presentations has a few "magic moves transitions" Audio and video as well and when I exported it as PDF there is no magic moves audio nor video. Is there a way to achieve this without exploding it to a PDF and at the same time protect my work?

  7. This is Bull Shit. How can I export a self contained video so the client can either click a mouse or use the arrows on the keyboard to control playback!!?!?!?!?!

  8. Hi! When I export my keynote with animation to quicktime, the animation doesn't show, each side just appear 1-2 second and moves to the next slide. Can you help me on this problem please? Thanks.


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