LOG vs HLG How to Use LUTS and Color Grade in Adobe Premiere Pro Lumetri (BenQ PD2700U)


LOG vs HLG How to Use LUTS and Color Grade in Adobe Premiere Pro Lumetri (BenQ PD2700U)

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  1. Thanks for your great videos. Only one of my four cameras appears to have a way to shoot either LOG or HLG. Do these techniques work generally on video recorded as mp4 or mov or avc?

  2. I'd be interested to see the camera settings for the hlg image. The settings will make or break the result. Also in this particular case the blown out highlights are not relevant. Obviously the glass of beer is the star. Not the background.

  3. To be clear, this is not grading in HDR and applying lut with high dynamic range, this is taking footage shot in HLG & log curved profiles and squishing it back down into rec709 rather than expanding the range and using a lut.. seems its not possible in premiere??

  4. Hi can someone please suggest me an affordable monitor for graphic design and photo editing. I want a color accurate monitor.

  5. From mine understanding you have to push ISO up for LOG, but it is opposite for HLG, so with ISO 800 depending on light situation it can be blown out, but it is not fault of HLG, but wrong ISO settings.

  6. This was insanely helpful. It led me down a rabbit hole and I'm blown away. I was able to find a picture setting for my nikon that would capture more information…thanks for mentioning this video in your "How to Color Grade with Lumetri Hue Saturation Curves" video.

  7. The problem that I must point out with the 2 test footage bits is that they are not exposure matched between eachother. Slog3 has a minimum ISO of 800 while HLG has a native ISO of 125. This is why the HLG highlights are blown out and unrecoverable, while trying to actually match exposures with the ISO you would get that highlights information back. So I think that matching the exposure levels on a Histogram before recording would have made this comparison better.

  8. When you shoot in S log, do we have to color correct the footage first then add an adjustment layer and then the LUT or do we add adjustment layer with LUT. Then do whatever adjustment we want to make???

  9. Wouldn’t the blown out HLG footage be ok if it was recorded with the correct exposure…. surely it’s not down to the format itself?

  10. Hi. Just started watching you. Looks great. I'm in early stages making videos, about 3 months. I need some help on something that I've changed or doing lately. The last couple videos I've made and posted on Youtube, they are not full screen. It's like they are setting in a box. I am using Premiere Pro. The last one I posted yesterday is "DC Steel Shooters-Winter Practice 3 2 19". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYGMI_zqc4E One thing that I may have done different is also sharing to my Facebook. Not sure if this makes a differences. I have used the black bars at the top and bottom before, but not in this video. Thanks Barry


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