Friday, 23 Oct 2020

MIT App Inventor Tutorial – Introduction and Create Magic App #1

MIT App Inventor Tutorial – Introduction and Create Magic App #1

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  1. For those who are wondering where you should type true, it doesn't matter where your cursor is, just use the keyboard to type the letters.

  2. Don't belive it's all fake all are lie's
    It's not connecting even in 💻 laptop 😠😠 For only this purposes I purchased the laptop recently pls don't belive in it…

  3. I just wanted to say if this is a begginers tutorial should not you first tell how to add screen and by pressing a button it goes on a diffrent screen.

  4. thankyou for helping us in making us capable of building an application for ourself
    Further i just want to ask one question from you..
    Can we upload this app to play store as well???
    Your reply on this would shurely help many of us..


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