Prototyping Your Game With A Gamepad (Adobe XD Tutorial)!


Prototyping Your Game With A Gamepad (Adobe XD Tutorial)!

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  1. When you hit the last card of your rail (using right right navigation) in the prototype. how do you avoid jumping into the next artboard?

  2. Thank you so much for making this video!! I had to create a new game project and I'm new to this!!!🌺🌺🌺

  3. Thanks for sharing, Thomas fantastic content, never thought to use web dev tool to prototype cheers 🙂

  4. Ooooh… I challenge you to make a whole game with XD, it might be possible, moving around a character between slides. Though it'd be a ton of positions and slides…

  5. Oh my god! That is so damn cool, I'd seen XD with the other Adobe apps, and didn't know its purpose, I thought it was an add-on or something… I gotta look at more of these programs.

  6. Thanks for the video! I've been meaning to play around with Adobe XD, seems like a very useful program! The one question I have is how easy is it to import what you made in here to your game engine like Unity? Is there an easy way to just export/import the whole thing or do you have to export/import individual components and rebuild the menu system in your game engine? Or is this program mainly just for getting an idea of how your UI will look/feel and isn't meant to give you final assets?

  7. So do you simply use Xd for proof of concept and than replicate that in an actual game engine later?


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