PTS Ep. 81 – Cloning A Hard Drive / Acronis True Image WD Edition


PTS Ep. 81 – Cloning A Hard Drive / Acronis True Image WD Edition

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  1. Thank you for this walkthrough of Acronis True Image. I've recently purchased my first HDD dock & I intend to get a 4TB+6TB drive set to back up all of my important data from a 2TB drive. I only needed to see the GPT conversion which I was worried about, but you've shown me that it's not as daunting as I thought it'd be, so thank you!

  2. I was a bit excited when i installed all this crappy softwares with my firt wd hdd's only to find that it's a lot of hassle. I'll stick to my old Windows System image backup along with file history feature which restores without so many confusing steps. But still this software is better for those who want customized backup and restore. I just want simple and free solution.

  3. Thanks for the walk through. I'll use your video to guide me to upgrade my new WD 4TB data drive that will be replacing a WD 2TB.

  4. Gday . I just came across True Image WD edition today and noticed it only installs on C drive and will not give you the freedom to only CLONE/BACKUP a partition on C drive (my c drive is 120 gig ssd – 30 gig C drive OS and rest for programs/apps)… I don't want to backup the apps partition and I wanted to backup C drive without the swap file (10gig) into an 20 gig ISO/Image file

  5. Some constructive criticism: You took too long in the beginning explaining why this video existed in the first place when you could have gone more in depth for what viewers could use this for.


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