Should You Use Cracked Adobe Software?


Should You Use Cracked Adobe Software?

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  1. Should I use cracked ADOBE for school or will they check my lisence? I’m scared but I really can’t pay it

  2. I bought Adobe Lightroom 6, then they went to CC. I don't have any worries about using
    a cracked copy of the current version.. They just got way to greedy.

  3. I was thinking about downloading the app I want because I’m only 15 and I really want after effects (as u can tell by my username) and I was going to buy it, but it’s $31.35 per month that it way too much and the educational discount only lasts for one year, and I also don’t wanna use it for anything like professional (or invest with it in the future) I just wanna make edits with ae as they are really cool so yeah I just think it’s so stupid to be paying $31 a month for something that’s not even professional to me so I think I might download/crack it what do you think?

  4. $30 a month? I was able to get Adobe's photography plan, Lightroom CC and Photoshop, for $9.99 a month, I'm just worried about activating a version of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC that I used a keygen for with my account.

  5. Can I use cracked version of adobe softwares for making intros,lowers thirds,outros ,etcs and make money by selling them or use it for my own personal YouTube videos and live streams.


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