The Trick For Perfect "Masks" In Photoshop's Camera Raw!


The Trick For Perfect “Masks” In Photoshop's Camera Raw!

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  1. Your videos are always so uselful and instructive. You are a great teacher. Your knowledge and the way you explain, makes your channel a great place to learn alot about ps!

  2. Of course there are several ways to create a mask in photoshop from the color range that makes up the parachute – but that's exactly what you end up with when you hold alt and modify the range in camera raw. It would be nice to be able to export that refined "selection" from camera raw as a selection into photoshop and use it there for other purposes besides just changing the color. Camera raw, with it's multiple selection points in the range the brush range provides some nice refinement capability that might be easier than some of the various in-photoshop methods. Any thought on exporting the "selection" to PS?

  3. How do we know when to use a regular layer mask vs. camera raw? Is one method superior to the other? I'm confused about what camera raw provides that all of the regular tools and adjustment layers don't…

  4. Would you be able to show in a video how you would mimic the Queen album cover, The Miracle, where faces blend into each other?

  5. That is so cool, Jesus! I didn't do anything major, but I did change the color of a waterfall.

  6. Excelente video Jesus, agradecerte que pongas subtitulos en español. Gracias por enseñar tu conocimientos. Un saludo desde España 🇪🇸

  7. Nice to see a quick tutorial. I like the things you do but sometimes they are too long. Cheers

  8. I've been using the fine adjustment option recently to target specific areas and had never even noticed this range mask tool, thank you very much Jesus! This will improve my edits a ton!

  9. I never knew you could add samples, let alone drag a marquee 😃 Now… if only Adobe would add this granularity and previewing capability into the ‘blend if’ dialogue… and then let you save the selection as a channel – that would make me even more happy.

  10. Thank u sir, how to get fix exposure and color in photoshop, please explain

  11. Excellent tip this, learn something new everyday. This new Camera Raw is very powerful now. I need to utilise it more!


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