Top 10 AoE2 Custom Scenarios


Top 10 AoE2 Custom Scenarios

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  1. 7:32 Huns don't need houses so they can produce their trading carts and trading cogs because they have instantly 200 population. That got me to the third level from the last 5 levels (and died there) in the conquerors version (where Japanese towers can never shot more than 1 arrow with crazy damage).

  2. im also a scenario maker and i make my scenarios better than the last.
    these are rly good ive been playing for 4 years and only have 14 scenarios now im making my own game of thrones scenario

  3. Hey SotL, I'm wondering if it's possible to make scenarios to play as regular multiplayer games in DE. One thing unfortunately that happens is that you have to set up TC and Vills and starting resources, and it doesn't change with different civ bonuses. For example Mayans should have 50 less food yet start with 200 since you have to set it that way in scenario. Any help would be appreciated.

  4. @8:31 in the early days of the internet we didn't have different game servers for different countries so when you played these types of maps you would literally have people from those countries taking on the role as that country and there would be a bit of animosity in chat. For example, in the MMO shadowbane there was a conflict between Korean and Japanese gamers (we just had the same servers for everyone regardless of where they played from) which was an extension of a real world political conflict over an island territory. (anyone remember "DODKA in Korea!! ^___^ kekekeke"?)

  5. You do realize that pretty much every young scenario maker made their own version of soildierstore (including myself). There was like literally 1000 different remakes of it back in the 56k days.

  6. #2 could also include UDP (U da prey) maps. When i first started playing AOE2 online i was like 12/13 and i was not that good at the normal game so i ended up using most of my time in most of these scenarios. They are good fun. But holy crap do i remember the lag sometimes. I still have a pretty big folder with the scenarios that i used to play back then. (Should probably consider uploading to steam)


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