Watch this Before the Next Time You Upload on


Watch this Before the Next Time You Upload on

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  2. 500px sucks. Everything told here is exactly true. I have been told that 5 of my photos sold and my total take will be $0.55 less PayPal charges.
    Ridiculous isn't it? I spend thousands travelling, model fees, MUAH expenses, studio rentals and end up get $0.55. Really, I can even give it for free if I can understand the completely opaque business model.
    So, I decided to remove all my photos which were accepted but they made it super hard and confusing to remove them. There is no REMOVE ALL button. And, interestingly enough when I returned back to check my account after few months I have seen more than 150 more accepted photos. Really why and how? Most of them were crap. And a lot of them had no model or property releases. How were they get accepted?
    When I was stupid and believing in their so called flexible pricing model, I prepared some stock photos but they were rejected with reasons like laptop showing Apple logo, or you did not provide PDF model reason, building is recognizeble and you must get property release but after my angry email exchanges and started removing my content from their predatory licensing scheme I think these evil geniuses ordered their developers tools to create an UNCONDITIONAL ACCEPT tool and skimmed all my works I foolishly marked for licensing and get them all accepted regardless of their 'high standards' and 'release policies'.
    And removal is torture. You are removing but the photo start remaining in the accepted page. Some show REMOVED when you hover upon them but some you have to remove again and again. And as you remove, still more comes, looks like they are trying to frustrate you.
    And, icing on the cake is that they say it will take 180 days to be fully removed. Really just as if we are living in middle ages and messages going with caravans. Ofcourse, not surprising for a company with lousy software which displays PULSE 92.1918209191727201730701273107777771 and so many silly bugs like this.
    Profit motive is understandable but this kind of predatory business model is sick.

  3. I recently got an email that one of my images sold. I had completely forgotten about the account until that image. Logged back on and found 3 images had been sold and the total was 15$. FOR 3 IMAGES. I'm now deactivating the account and asking them to remove all the images from there. This company is a sham nowadays. Used to enjoy it at first but when marketplace was introduced, everything changed.

  4. Thanks for the info. As a user, I've also noticed a shady behaviour from the very beginning, plus the way they manage their algorithms when it comes to highlighting your work on the site, which IMO is rather unfair to new members without a heavy army of followers. A money-making machine, without respect for the artists, as you said.

  5. Great information, I've been using it since it was new. But never really got into it much, I have a few photo's posted over there, but haven't done much with it lately.

  6. I am reconsidering my association with 500px, since the Getty affiliation, I sold 5 photos, two recent ones sold for a whopping 11 cents each. in total my 5 photos got me 5 bucks…I'm serious, I got an email congratulating me on an 11 cent sale.

  7. 1:09 Ah that's why my account was constantly blocked after uploading my Legomoc photos and received tons of "Like buttons" within seconds. A really strange "photo community". And HONESTLY in Frank Abegnale, the FBI CIA "security specialist" of USA. The iUser is CONSTANTLY occupied in testing LOGINs of all money making pro accounts web portals. Seems to have become a new "olympic sport" as if you were testing your secure online banking security access every day.

  8. Wow, thanks for the good info. I recently joined 500px because I enjoy browsing the gorgeous images in my spare time. I also wanted a place to showcase my own best photos but really have no intention of trying to sell anything. 500px's vicious treatment of photographers and bottom line thievery you described angered me enough to deactivate my account. I do not need membership in another nasty website like Facebook?

  9. Thanks, this was very helpful for me. I've been using 500px for a while and haven't been overly impressed. That said, is Flickr any better? The last time I was on there it was more like people sharing iPhone pics on Facebook. Do serious/enthusiast photographers actually use Flickr?

  10. I will delete my lone photo from 500px along with my account. I have no problem with flickr only allowing 1000 free uploads. If you are in any way serious about the shots you take then you will pay, if not then you can go ahead and create multiple flickr accounts

  11. Hi,Lou ,i wrote this words to FreeGafoo just a moment Hy,Gabriel.I'm Level Photo.I'm in your video,thank you.Sorry for my English.Two years ago (2017) i finish very bad with the leaders of 500px and i finish upload pictures.But the people continues clik my pictures and last month i was with 77.000.000 views and with about 17.000 followers.For me 500px is a game,but i will explain i'm very very very angry.I 'm profesional photographer and also economist.I'have different bussines.And if i write to you is because i like the justice.The 22 of July 500px say to the people on 500px that in 2018 was an attack to 500px.They know that(They say that but i don't belive)attack the February 2019.And they say to the people the 18 July 2019.!!!!!5 MONTHS!!!!!! that we don't know nothing and ours accounts and VISA are in i don't know wich company.I wrote to then seven emails.The answer was a robot.I wrote for two tings.Firts and MORE important is ,how in 5 months of the attack they don't say nothing?.Second,the 18 of July appear an publicity when you clikc in STATS that there is a problem but the 22 July will be repare.Well,arrive the 22 July and the stats nor work and everything was a kaos.Just one think,in the years 2016,2017 and 2018 desapear a lot of pictures of me and appear in other places.They banned three times my web for some sensual pictures,NO PORNO,and others photographers with porno pictures no have any problem.In my pictures no tits,nothing.
    Well i continue,the 22 july was our of orther 500px.And the 23 luly appear a new publicity that the 28 July all will be OK.We arrive to the 29 July,and continue all our off orther.I wrote my seven emails and speak with a german photograph friend of me that this is INCREDIBLE.During this time,normaly my pictures have 6000 to 10.000 every days,and in one they my best pictures that i upload with my best models only 300 VIEWS.incredible.Normaly 10.000 views and in just one day all my pictures with 300 views.Three days ago i saw that desapear 2.000.000 vews and i was with 17.400 followers and in just one day 17.000 followers.I loose 300 in one day?.But, the incredibel think is that the people see in the cover that i have 17.100 and if you click in the number appear 17.400.I pay everything.I'm a person that not have any problem with no body.I'm a photograph of the old school with my Leicas.I have more that 150 cameras and continue doing pictures with my Leica M3 and M6.But Gabriel,i am not stupid.Something very strong are in 500px.I don't continue,again,in 500px.My web will be there.Lik it was two years ,but i want to know why i have less views,why desapear followers and te most important think.What about our dates.Sorry for my english.I will start a investigation.Thanks.My email is if you want to write to me.I don't use movil ,and i know a lot of thinks about photography but not of inphormatic.Very well the Lightroom,and the photoshop but i dont' use photoshop.All my pictures are unretouched and natural light.Bye,bye and i follow you.

  12. I'm a flickr user since years. At one time, because flickr does have its issues, I wanted to give 500px a try.
    My problem with 500px was that they seem to change the uploaded images somehow.
    They look different than they do on flickr, or the windows photo viewer.
    That's why I gave up 500px and returned to flickr.

  13. The screenie showed you deactivating. There's another step to actually delete your account. Sadly, even deleted accounts got hacked as I got an email even though my account was deleted. Can't complain because… you guessed it… I have no account… Yay. Also, their latest competition… : Rule 8. Indemnify? Really? (I am not a lawyer but to me, it sounds bad)

  14. I deleted my pics and deactivated my 500px account when I got a 'we've been hacked' email a couple of days ago. Just went back to see if I could delete my account… seems 'deactivate' is my only option. (Now I'm not even sure I trust them to really delete my photos…). Also, we need to talk about Dutch.

  15. Great info man, thanks. I have an acct but it’s been neglected, and I didn’t care much for the Getty deal. Yes, more videos like these (BTW some strange frame blackouts during your video)


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