What's New in Adobe Illustrator CC 2017


What's New in Adobe Illustrator CC 2017

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  1. You actually coulnd preview your font while browsing in ill 2015. press on the text that you want to change font then press on fonts on the top, not open then just press them then down or up arrow brows thru fonts and you would have life update on the fonts =D

  2. i have to say these updates are really minor. as a side note would you work on your video's music more and the fact that you are British and we might be fascinated by your accent is old fashioned now, take care.

  3. Hello, I am upgrading from inkscape to Adobe illustrator . Do you suggest just [purchasing the program or the $19 per month version, or is it the same thing? Any help would be much appreciated.

  4. I have my 2017 version of Illustrator for about 3 days now. I was in the middle of updating a huge wall map and I am having issues trying to rotate my street named text blocks. I use to be able to rotate them on the fly and now I am getting frustrated because I get this stupid intersection guide that pops up and stop my free rotation. Has that future changed? Is there a different way to do it now? I do not want to open the rotate window each time, I just want to rotate to a visual appealing angle. I have thousands of street names to work with. Help I need some expert advice!

  5. Cool video dude! Nice too see all the features in one place!

    Are you running 2017 CC with OSX Sierra? Updated my CC but still to update the OS – Heard lots of issues with it.

  6. Hey Will I was wondering if you could help me out with ideas on a project I have. I have to create 5 logos in total but there will be only one 'main' logo and the rest are kind of like sub divisions. Can you give me an example of a logo that you've seen that works? Naming one is MIT labs.


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