Wireframe & UX Design in Adobe XD — Web Design Pt 2


Wireframe & UX Design in Adobe XD — Web Design Pt 2

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  1. Hope you guys like the bloopers at the end 😂🤣 Lemme know what questions you have, hope you all enjoyed the content!!

  2. I have a good design sense, but I cant seem to come up with content, copy, what goes where and for what reason. I have literally had to turn projects away because I cannot fill in the website with content. Any tips??

  3. How do you dodo that smooth transition that focuses only the size of the established website size? I can't do it. Also, do you use a box as a guide to know if everything is centerer for th screen? Thanks, Ben

  4. love the 4 step process at the start, worked well as was able to grab the goals and questions from our questionnaire we do.

  5. Loved your💓 content, also face expressions for adobe to sponsor the video was a lit💯💥💯

  6. Just wanted to say I'm working on my first portfolio project for UI and this video was fire!!!! SO HELPFUL THANK YOU!!!!

  7. This is so good, you have a new fc now!
    Thank you for this cool video, I love your bloopers in the end LOL.

  8. How can we use the grid in new ways? It really is sad to see out there many designs that look the same

  9. Hey! I just watched your tutorial and man this is the best ever! looking forward to more knowledge with you! Keep Safe from Corona. Jessa from Philippines

  10. Love the explanation of your process. Useful information that I will definitely use on my next project!

  11. Thanks for share your process! Can we have one video about type sizes on web? I’m confuse about type scale

  12. One BIG question i have is, does the fibonacci sequence fit into webdesign? or the golden ratio rectangle? Would it make the perfect website?

  13. Hi! I've got a question: if I made some artwork to show on the wireframe you have to add it to that work or you add it later? For example a banner or illustration.

  14. I like to learn about the thinking process of how you come up with the sketches. How do you find a ux design solution of a problems and goals. Maybe a case study

  15. Really like your videos. So glad to have found your series. Could you touch on what a design needs…in terms of the layout of a website…and how best to set them up (either in order of importance as someone may be scrolling down the page)? Thanks

  16. Hey Ben, I like this video. I'd like to know if one can create a prototype in XD and move that all to Webflow to work on CMS & publish? Cheers.

  17. You have the potential to become the Peter Mackinnon of Design 🙂 I love also your video editing skills. Keep going! I will be watching.

  18. Hey, these are great! Thank you. Beginner question…. Isnt this all UI? Like actually designing the way the pages look?

  19. did I miss the design build stage I see im late to this party but its a few months ago wonder if it was put on ice for now – great mini series like the personal touch mr burns

  20. this UX Series is super helpful. Everytime i work on new project, i always watch this 2 video again. Cant wait for more (if u have). Thank you very much Mr. Benbruns and The Futur

  21. I never Used XD trying it out because of you Ben! Trying to understand the type-tool. Especially when I'm trying to write a paragraph in a specific spot.

  22. Dive in what matters the most on a landing page and how to make it more effective about our goals!

  23. Killer Content! Deeper dive into how mobile is taking care of would be awesome. 🙂 Also what you would specifically hand over the dev team.

    Keep it up!

  24. Thank you Mr. Ben Burns! Well organized, concise. I appreciate the "in case you missed it" recap at the start. Watching & rewatching. More please!

  25. More please! I love these. Such an actionable, concise and informational series. Just started playing with Adobe XD not too long ago, myself.


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